ReadyToTap Payment

Our white label mobile payment solution enables payment issuers to offer their customers a secure, simple and universal service.

Build your own mobile payment service simply and efficiently!

Our solution is compatible with the standards and requirements of payment networks (Cartes Bancaires - CB, the domestic payment scheme in France), Mastercard, Visa) and implements the most innovative technologies (NFC, QR Code, tokenization) for a simple and perfectly secure user experience.

Serenity, security and trust every day

Our mobile payment solution complies with the most demanding standards in terms of transaction security and personal data protection.

Simplicity with interactive mobile technologies

A simple application that will allow your customers to make payments for any type of purchase and amount using their Smartphone. Depending on the merchant's equipment, the most suitable technology (NFC or QR Code) may be used.

Our SDK* and white label wallet application

Our solution includes an SDK already certified by payment networks (CB, Mastercard, Visa); you can integrate it within your existing mobile application to activate the mobile payment function. We also offer a white label wallet application that you can use as a basis to develop a new application dedicated to mobile payment.
(*) Software Development Kit: a ready-to-use software library that can be integrated into an existing application

Our payment Hub

Our Payment Hub is a service platform that ensures control and efficiency throughout the process, from the installation of the payment service to the various actions related to the life cycle of the means of payment (suspension, opposition, renewal...). Our Hub is already connected to the main TSP (Token Service Providers) at international level (MDES for Mastercard, VTS for Visa) and in France (STET).


A secure and interactive mobile payment service

  • Issuers
  • Users

Bring convergence to your mobile payment service by enabling in-store, in-app and online transactions.

Offer a highly secure service: our solution is based on the latest software security technologies to protect sensitive data on the user's terminal.

Quick and easy deployment; integrate our platforms into your existing environment or use our SaaS offering for immediate deployment of your service.

Keep control of your customer relationship by offering your own mobile payment service in your branding. Enrich the customer experience with additional services (biometrics, loyalty, transfers, etc.)

Live a fully digital experience! Your mobile phone accompanies you on a daily basis in all your purchasing processes.

Integrate all your payment cards in one place: your smartphone

Use your mobile wallet to securely pay in-store, in-app and online.

Benefit from additional services that simplify your daily life: digital receipts and digital loyalty cards, personalized offers on mobile phones, instant money transfers, etc...

How can banks stay in touch with consumers in the smartphone age?

Although banks nowadays no longer need a physical presence on every street to stay in touch with their customers, they must remain highly visible, especially on the smart device (smartphones, wearables…), to avoid weakening the relationship with their customers to the benefit of new service providers, explains Lorcan Burke, Sales Director at dejamobile.

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Mobile payment: convenient and universal

Paiement - Dejamobile

Paiement - DejamobilePayment

The mobile payment market is growing and several players are trying to position themselves as reference providers of payment services to consumers: banks and traditional financial institutions, but also new entrants (GAFAM and Fintechs specialized).

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