Stocard adds mobile payment to its wallet application

Stocard, the leading mobile wallet in Europe, is launching its mobile payment service

Leader in Europe, with 50 million users, including 5 millions in France (June 2020), the Stocard app allows its users to store their loyalty cards and consult the offers of the brands directly on their mobile phone. In 2018, Stocard raised 20 million dollars and in June 2020, Stocard added a mobile payment feature to its wallet application. 

With dejamobile, Stocard enters the m-payment market by transforming its application into a true multi-function “mobile wallet“.   

Stocard has created a prepaid virtual card, directly integrated into its mobile application. The user can quickly activate the payment functionality, have his identity verified (KYC), reload his card and validate his payment in store via NFC contactless. 

By adding the mobile payment function, Stocard now covers the entire shopping journey and completely replaces the physical wallet.  

Available on the Mastercard network, Stocard’s mobile payment service uses dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment solution to generate a digital card, manage the token life cycle and access the MDES Customer Service API. As the Stocard card is available in the Apple Wallet, dejamobile also facilitates the preparation of sensitive data (encryption of the card data and packaging in the requested format) for Apple Pay. 

The Stocard application success story

Stocard continues to transform in-store shopping by bringing together the loyalty programs of more than 5,000 retailers, coupons and payment, all in one single application. With partners regularly offering promotions of 10% or more, Stocard enables users to achieve greater savings than with competing applications or platforms. With savings of 5% per purchase between weekly offers, coupons and loyalty cards, this translates into €2 billion in savings worldwide in 2019. 

The launch of our mobile payment functionality is a major milestone for Stocard internationally. Our wallet will be now integrated into our mobile phone and will become - in its digitised version - a centralized platform to carry out all monetary operations, banking and purchasing. The future of retailing and banking will be very much like the future of the banking industry, more to what we already see in Asia with products like Alipay than to what are currently doing the European banks. This consolidation of purchases, payments and financial services in the digital wallet will also occur in Europe. We are working closely with our retail partners to shape that future.
Björn Goß, founder and CEO of Stocard

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