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How digital payments are changing consumer habits

The impact of technology on consumer habits is now a concrete reality. In this context, there seems to be a general trend towards integrating the digital payment component into many devices. This growing trend can be seen in different use cases and has a strong influence on the development strategies of companies wishing to offer new experiences to their customers.

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Mobile payment continues to make inroads on a large scale

2019 has been a year of growth for mobile payment, which continues to make inroads into 2020. Despite all the preconceived ideas, the digital payment market is maturing and NFC and QR Code technologies, widely deployed in several regions of the world, are driving mass adoption.

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Mastering tokenisation strategy in the context of payment services globalisation

Tokenisation, more than ever at the heart of mobile payment strategies with the rapid digitisation of payment methods and the provision of services on a multitude of personal terminals, smartphones and connected objects.

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Enhancing HCE mobile payments with TEE technology in collaboration with Cartes Bancaires and Trustonic

Dejamobile, in collaboration with Cartes Bancaires and Trustonic, is currently working on an innovative generic secure application, using the capabilities of the TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments), to strengthen the security of HCE mobile payments. A first in the cyber-security industry.

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Data security issues in a GDPR and PSD2 context

As a member of the Cap Digital cluster, Houssem Assadi, CEO of dejamobile, contributed to an in-depth reflection on the challenges of data security and GDPR, and shared his expertise and vision of the evolution of the banking world. The dossier is only accessible in French.

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Digital transformation of banks – the challenges of smartphones

"Banks need to engage with customers, adapt to consumers’ changing needs, and provide the best user experience to secure their role in the rapidly changing payments industry", explains Dejamobile’s Lorcan Burke, before setting out how these aims can best be accomplished.

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